What If? A little question that comes with some very big answers.

As women of a ‘certain age’ there’s a misconception about how we should being living this time in our lives, how we should or shouldn’t show up in the world, what we should or shouldn’t be doing in retirement or after the kids have fledged. I say, do whatever you want to do! Start that business, get back to your creative side, join that board, be seen, be heard - this is your life.

I really do believe it’s time to redefine 50, and 60 and 70, 80 and yes, even 90! Our lives today are not the same lives of our mother’s, ‘the times they are a changing’ - thankfully.

I work with women who are ready for a change, ready to shake things up. Ready to redefine life after 50!

My clients are women who are relocating; retired women who want to use their lifetime of skills and talents to help others; women starting businesses or other ventures; women re-entering the work world after raising their children or having a career; women who have played it small and are now ready to be seen - in a big way. . .

Coaching is a unique and personal journey that can follow so many different paths. During our time together you can expect a safe space with honest, open communications. You can expect to be seen and heard in an authentic and powerful way. You’ll receive support, encouragement and valuable tools and insights to help you gain clarity, focus and confidence to move forward - with intention. 

I’m happy to set up a 20 minute complimentary call so we can get to know each other and explore ways that we might work together. If you’re ready for change, ready for next steps, please feel free to ring me at 845 729-2685 or
email margaret@margaretrizzuto.com


About me. . .


I’m 61 - I say it with both a great deal of pride and a lot of amazement. Wasn’t I just celebrating my 40th - yesterday? I know, we all say that and we say it because it’s true. The speed with which life propels forward is astonishing.

It’s been quite a journey to be sure - marriages, 2 pretty incredible sons, a variety of careers, moves, living overseas . . . But one of the most life-altering experiences was May 4th, 2018 - one month before my 60th birthday. I was just heading home from a pedicure and had a horrific accident. The pedicure is an important little detail because while I was bruised and battered and broken - my toes still looked rocking! I have to keep a sense of humor :)

I spent the entire month of May between the Trauma ICU and a rehab center. I had a fractured shoulder, a fractured knee, 5 broken ribs (ouch), a lacerated liver, spleen and lung. Bruises covered 80% of my body. It was shocking and even now if I happen upon a photo from that time, it seems surreal. But- I was alive and nothing but that fact filled my mind through it all.

It’s interesting how life plays out. I remember looking over at my husband the first or second day while in the ICU and whispering, “I’m broken”. And I meant it very literally, I felt broken to pieces. Then the very next morning as I slowly and painfully woke up, before I even opened my eyes two words came flooding into my mind that I will never forget - Grace and Gratitude - and I knew, at that moment, as clearly as anything Ive ever known that there was no other way for this whole experience to go.

As the days progressed they were filled with both grace and gratitude - and vulnerability and a humbling that I’ve never known. The nurses at Westchester Medical Center Trauma ICU were the most lovely, caring, giving people I’ve ever known. I remember thinking to myself, how can they have so much compassion, how can they be so kind, so incredibly supportive - I’m a total stranger to them. But they were - day in and day out. In the morning, in the afternoon, in the middle of the night they showed up with compassion and a smile - and I was filled with so much gratitude.

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