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As women of a ‘certain age’ there’s a misconception about how we should being living our lives, how we should or shouldn’t show up in the world. I say with joy, clarity and direction - moving forward, living life out loud! We’ve come too far to take a back seat now. I do believe it’s time to redefine how we live our lives, time to redefine 50, and 60 and 70, 80 and 90 and yes, even 100!

Maybe at one time you were passionate about art, you had a creative passion and you want to re-explore it. Perhaps you always held onto the idea of having your own business, moving to a new area, becoming a chef . . . Maybe you don’t know exactly what it is you want but you know it’s not this.

Let’s talk, explore your dreams and ways to make them a reality - or - think up a new dream. There’s nothing to stop you. There’s nothing to wait for. If you need a little clarity, some support along the way - I’d love to work with you.


Below are a few areas for coaching and while there are many others, coaching really is a unique and personal journey. I’d love to set up a 20 minute complimentary call to get to know each other and explore ways that we can work together.

Please feel free to ring me at 845 729-2685 or email margaret@margaretrizzuto.com - I’d really love to connect with you.

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Working Together . . .

During your session you can expect a safe space with honest, open communications. You can expect to be seen and heard in an authentic and powerful way. You’ll receive support and encouragement every step of the way. Valuable tools and insights will be used to help you gain insight, clarity, focus and confidence to move forward with intention.
Sessions are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted and can take place either in-person or via on-line conferencing.

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Breakthrough It!
When you need to get clarity, focus and next steps for a particular issue. This 75 minute session is especially useful for times when you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and unclear about how to move forward with a specific situation. You’ll get clarity, define goals, and set up an Action Plan - and most of all, you’ll be heard.


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This session is a beautiful tool for helping you to explore the different areas of your life. As part of this journey you’ll discover and re-define your values and the importance they hold for you. This is typically a 2 hour session.


Monthly Packages

Please inquire about our monthly packages which include one hour private coaching sessions and email support. These sessions are for the woman who is motivated to make a change(s). They are personalized around your needs, your vision and your purpose. We’ll discover, cultivate and refine your goals so that you have focus and clarity to move toward living the life you desire. You’ll learn more about yourself and how you show up in the world. You’ll be able to prioritize, take action and — enjoy the process along the way. These packages also include motivational inspirations along the way.

A bit about me. . .


Thank you for visiting, Im really glad you’re hear.

Here’s a bit about me and my story. I have over 25 years of experience working with women in a variety of businesses and for the last 15 years as a portrait photographer working exclusively with women. Through photography I’ve had the pleasure of seeing women transform in front of the camera. It’s a very empowering experience for a woman to step in front of the camera and own her beauty and vulnerability - sometimes, truly seeing it for the first time.

As a Whole Person Certified Coach serving women of ‘a certain age’, I believe in the same transformative, empowering experience. I really do believe that we all know what’s best for us, sometimes though we need a little help bringing it to light. As I’ve grown - and matured there is just so much about the way society tries to define who we are and how we should be that just doesn’t resonate with me. I believe in living life fully and on our own terms and in whatever way that shows up for each of us.

You have come so far - now is not at all the time to take a back seat. Become the ‘doyenne’ of your life. Define your life - your way!

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A listing of some favorite authors, poets and teachers that I hope will provide you with inspiration.

Poet, author and internationally acclaimed speaker, David Whyte writes and speaks with depth and emotion often getting to the deep, dark places we might otherwise choose to ignore. I’ve heard him speak on several occasions and to say he is captivating barely touches the surface. His site is rich with his poetry, books and other offerings.

A Pulitzer Prize winning American Poet, Mary Oliver’s poetry speaks to the depth and breadth of what it is like to be human. Probably one of her most famous lines in which she asks so little and asks so much:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”.

The linked site is a wonderful collection of her poetry and quotes.

American poet, singer, memoirist, and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou is truly gifted. One of her most famous books, I Know Why The Caged Birds Sing is a memoir that speaks of her experiences of longing, bigotry and the beauty of life. The linked site is a tribute to her and her remarkable life and stories.

An American Tibetan Buddhist and ordained nun, Pema Chodron is a prolific author and teacher. I have followed her teachings for many years and have been honored on several occasions to attend her workshops. To me, one of the many gifts she brings is in making the teachings readily and easily understandable. She writes with a great deal of humor and heart. The linked site is filled with articles, videos and an events calendar along with a store where her many books and CDs are available.

A virtual treasure trove of articles, courses, events and videos spanning Buddhism, Mindfulness, Meditation, Health & Wellness, Yoga, Psychology & Personal Growth and so much more.


I look forward to connecting with you!

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